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Happy with MyParcel’s services? Tell your friends!

Invite friends to use MyParcel and reap the benefit! You will receive €0.10 for each parcel that the customer in question sends through MyParcel.
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Earn easy credit!

If you recommend MyParcel to another online merchant and they become a customer as a result of your recommendation, you will receive a sum of money for each future parcel shipment that the customer in question sends. This will last for a period of one year. All you need to do is tell us the person’s name first, before they register on Easy, right? They’re happy, and you’re happy!

They will be able to use all our service thanks to your recommendation. For every parcel they send, you will receive an allowance of €0.10. That’s very easy money!

Two ways to qualify for a Tell A Friend payment.

1. Invitation through MyParcel.

Through MyParcel you can send an invitation to another online merchant to use MyParcel (Tell A Friend > Invite). The person you invite will receive an email containing a registration link. When the customer registers through this link, they are automatically registered with us and you are entitled to the compensation. All you have to do is send the invitation.

2. Recommendation in person.

When you recommend us to someone in another way (for example in person or by phone) and they are planning to use MyParcel, you can pass on the name of that person to us by phone or email. You need to do this before they register with MyParcel. You are not entitled to a Tell A Friend payment if you pass on the person’s name to us after they register.

Conditions and rules.

  • You need to be a MyParcel customer.
  • The Tell A Friend payment is determined based on the number of parcels that the customer sends. Letterbox parcels, letterbox mail and pallets are excluded.
  • If a referred customer indicates that he or she has problems with the disclosing information about the numbers of shipments they have sent, the variable payment will be converted into a fixed payment. The fixed payment is paid one year after the referred customer registered. The total amount paid will be €50. If a payment has already been paid out, this amount will be rounded up to €50 and paid out after one year.
  • The money you have accumulated will be credited on your next invoice. The credit you have accumulated will not be transferred or otherwise offset.
  • MyParcel expects customers only to send invitations to acquaintances who have indicated that they are interested. Customers are not permitted to send invitations to webshops at random. MyParcel reserves the right to demand this from the customer and to terminate the Tell A Friend payment if MyParcel suspects that invitations are being sent out at random.
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Questions about our Tell A Friend system, our platform or sending parcels? We’re here to answer your questions, six days a week. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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