Date and time-specific

Date and time-specific by PostNL.

By offering customers the Day- & time-specific delivery option at your webshop’s checkout, you let them decide when their parcel is delivered. In so doing, you are guaranteed to take the service provided by your webshop to a higher level in just a few simple steps!

Conditions for date and time-specific deliveries.

  • Only available for parcels with destinations in the Netherlands.
  • If a specific delivery time was selected later in the week, the parcel must be handed over at the PostNL location the day before the delivery date. If you hand over the parcel sooner, it will also be delivered sooner.
  • Standard delivery by PostNL.


For Date and time-specific deliveries, there is an additional fee on top of the standard rate for your parcel shipment.


Setting up a Date and time-specific delivery for your shipment.

  1. Create a new parcel shipment in the backoffice.
  2. Enter the recipient’s address details.
  3. Click Select adjusted delivery.
  4. Select the date and time when the parcel should be delivered.
  5. Save the shipment, download the shipping label, print it out and stick it onto the shipment.
  6. Deliver your parcel to a PostNL location the day before the selected delivery date or have it collected by the Collection service.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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