How to report damage to a parcel.

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Unfortunately, parcels do get damaged from time to time. If your customer receives a damaged parcel, you can submit a claim for damages through your account. To be eligible for compensation, the shipment needs to meet a number of conditions. In this blog, we give step-by-step instructions on how to file a claim for damages.

The conditions for filing a claim.

In order to prove that your parcel is damaged, the carrier must acknowledge the damage. For that reason, we have drawn up a checklist of all the conditions the shipment must first meet in order to be eligible for a claim. That way, you won’t miss anything out:

  • Your parcel needs to be insured.
  • All damage needs to be reported within 7 calendar days after the delivery date.
  • Items need to be properly and securely packaged.

When goods are damaged during the shipping process, we will first look for repairing options. If you choose to repair the item (this is only possible for PostNL), we will reimburse you, but only if those costs are lower than the purchasing value of the item. To be eligible for reimbursement, you will need to send us the repair invoice so we can process your compensation. If it is not possible to repair the item or if repair costs are higher than the purchasing value of the item, we’ll reimburse the purchasing value for 100% – VAT excluded – up to the maximal insured amount.

If you have sent us all mandatory parts in case of damage, the credit will be treated. So only the product itself is included in the credit. It is not possible to be credited for any excise duty or transport costs.

Which documents do you need to send in the event of a claim?

The carrier will need to acknowledge the damage, so make sure that the claim for damages is clear and completed in full. Submit your claim for damages by opening a case in your account in just a few simple steps. Select ‘Damage’ and upload the documents below. We recommend that you submit your claim for damages within 7 calendar days after the last scan. If you do not do this, your claim for damages cannot be processed.

  1. The original purchase invoice (to determine the value of the damage claim)
    • With PostNL en DHL, you are insured for 100% of the purchase value of the product excluding VAT up to the insured amount. We will also credit your shipping costs.
    • If you sell homemade products for which no purchase invoice can be submitted, the sales invoice is enough. 60% of the market value of the product will be reimbursed excluding VAT up to the insured amount. We will also credit your shipping costs.
  2. The original sales invoice (a clear summary of what you have sold)
  3. Six photos of the damage:
    • Ask the addressee to keep the damaged contents, the box and all of the packaging material until the claim has been fully processed. This is one of PostNL’s conditions.

These are the images you need to provide in the event of a claim.

myparcel One photo of the entire parcel.

Make sure the shipping label and any damage is clearly visible on the outside.

schade aan pakket label
schade aan pakket label

myparcel One photo of the open parcel taken from the top.

The contents and inner packaging need to be clearly visible.

beschadigde zending
beschadigde zending

myparcel One photo of all types of inner packaging in the parcel.

That’s all the inner packaging around the item and in the parcel.

inhoud schade melden
inhoud schade melden

myparcel One photo showing the entire damaged item.

Make sure that the whole item is shown.

pakket met schade
pakket met schade

myparcel One close-up photo of the actual damage to the item.

This is the actual damage of the item that is visible.

schade melden
schade melden

myparcel One photo of the shipping label on the packaging.

The information on the label needs to be clearly visible.

pakket met schade melden
pakket met schade melden

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Damage report for World shipments with PostNL: when you ship to countries outside of the EU (or inside the EU, but only when the shipment is send by air freight) there is an additional condition, depending on each carrier. If a shipment is damaged, the consumer must go to the nearest post office to have a damage report drawn up. The damage report must be stamped for approval. The damage report needs to be logged within 7 calendar days after the delivery scan. If it is not logged within 7 calendar days, the claim cannot be processed.

Parcel missing? This is what you need to do.

If a parcel goes missing, we can launch an investigation with the carrier. The steps you need to take are outlined below.

More information?

If you still have questions, please contact us. Our team is here to help.