Five steps for a successful shipment.

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At MyParcel, we try to keep the shipping process as simple and accessible as possible for all entrepreneurs, large and small. That way, you can spend more time doing what you’re good at: running a business. In addition, we will continue to expand our platform to make it even easier for you to send shipments. For example, you can increase customer satisfaction by offering more delivery options, increase your brand experience with your own Track & Trace page and make your customers happy with a sustainable parcel. There are lots of options and to help you on your way, we’ve set out all the steps for you in this blog.

In this blog, we will discuss the following five steps for a successful shipping process.

1.   The basics: what do you need to know before you start?
2.  Preparing for shipment.
3.  Ready for shipment.
4.  What to do if you have questions? 
5.  Getting the administration in order.

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1. The basics: what do you need to know before you start? 

Shipments come in all shapes and sizes. The size and weight of a shipment determine the shipping costs that you (or your customer) will pay. Before you begin the shipping process, it’s useful to know the various rates for letterbox parcels and standard parcels. You might want to send shipments abroad, for example, and different rates apply for those shipments. The more parcels you send, the more benefits you will get with our price scales. Here’s a quick explanation:

Parcel types and rates.
As we mentioned, the size and weight of the parcel both affect the price. In particular, we check whether your parcel fits through the letterbox. If it does, the price will be a lot lower than that of a large box. That’s why you need to take a good look at all of the sizes, weights and prices for the various types of packaging.

Price scales.
At MyParcel, we work with price scales based on the number of shipments you send. The more parcels you send, the cheaper it will be for you. An extra reward for your online success! Our costs summary contains information about the price scales. If you already know how many shipments you send each year, contact one of our Account Managers for a custom quotation.

2. Preparing for shipment.

Before you’re really ready to send a shipment, there are a few things you need to prepare. For example, you will need shipping boxes in order to send your products, your label printer needs to be set up correctly and you might want to link your webshop so that orders are imported automatically.

Import orders automatically.
As soon as customers place an order, it’s useful if they appear directly in your MyParcel account so that you can print shipping labels in one click. You can automate the import of your orders in just a few simple steps, with one of our 25+ webshop links. Often, you can even print using your own webshop software. We have developed links for MijnWebwinkel, Shopify, Woocommerce, Lightspeed, Magento 2 and many more. If you sell products through, you can automatically import your orders using our Bol Plaza link. If you use another system or platform, no problem! You can use our Chrome extension to import your orders and convert them into shipping labels.

Select delivery options
You can offer various delivery options at your webshop’s checkout. Your customer can then decide when and where they would like to receive the delivery. We offer four options (some delivery options involve additional costs):

Setting up a returns service
If you launch a webshop and start shipping products, you also have to factor in the possibility that products will be returned. On average, 9% of all online orders are returned and good preparation can save running into problems later. We have written a detailed blog on how to deal with returns so that you know what to expect. Read it carefully to find out how to set up an efficient returns service, configure a personalised returns page and email, ask customers for Reasons for return and much more!

Setting up a label printer.
Each parcel you send has an address label containing the recipient’s name. You can print your shipping labels from your account at the click of a button. To do this, you need to set up your printer or label printer first. Don’t forget to check your return address as well. This address will also appear on the label.

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Select the correct shipping box.
You need good packaging in order to ship your items. The correct shipping box is good quality, sustainable, protects your products during the delivery process and isn’t too large. Oversized packaging causes more damage and returns, since it means your products can slide around during transport. In addition, all this empty space is a real ‘no-go’ for your customers: 45% of consumers are annoyed when shipping boxes are ‘too big’. Transporting large amounts of air is also not sustainable and creates unnecessary CO2 emissions. Consider the sustainability of your packaging material, because 72% of consumers like to receive their orders in sustainable packaging. Take a look at our webshop for sustainable packaging materials!

3. Ready for shipment

Now that all preparations have been made, you’re ready to send your parcels in just a few simple steps – within the Netherlands, Europe or beyond. Once your orders have gone through your webshop, it’s time to prepare your parcels for shipment.

Packaging your products. 
The shipping process begins with packing your orders. You have selected sustainable packaging material and have everything you need in order to ship your order. These ten packaging guidelines will help you on your way when it comes to packing your orders. Make sure you read them carefully to prevent delays, damaged products and additional costs.   

Selecting shipping options (or not).
At MyParcel, you have several extra shipping options for shipments within the Netherlands and foreign shipments. Shipping options are additional options for your shipment such as an age check (18+), shipping a parcel with insurance, signature upon receipt, deliver to recipient only and no-answer return. You can easily add these options to a shipment when creating the shipping label.

Sending a parcel with PostNL.
Now that you have packed everything neatly and the parcel meets the guidelines for domestic and foreign shipments, you can put your products in the post with confidence. Drive to one of the 3,500 PostNL locations near you and hand in your parcels. Once the parcels have been scanned, they will appear in the shipments summary in your account as ‘offered to carrier’.

If you are shipping very heavy or large parcels, use a pallet shipment. Make sure you read our packaging tips for pallet shipments before preparing them for shipment.

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Sending a parcel abroad
You might attract an international audience or have that as your main focus. In both cases it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules that apply to foreign parcel shipments in advance. In any case, make sure you have ticked off all the items on our checklist for international parcel shipments, such as:

Having a parcel collected. 
If you don’t have enough time to drop off your parcels at a PostNL point or it’s convenient for you if they’re collected daily, use the  Collection Service. You can have up to 25 parcels collected through the Collection Service from your preferred location. It could be your home, the office or a warehouse. Schedule a one-off or regular Collection Service in your account in just a few simple steps.

Keeping customers up to date on the status of the shipment. 
As soon as your parcels have been handed over to PostNL, your customers will automatically receive an email from us. The email will direct them to the Track & Trace page where they can see exactly when their order will be delivered. You can personalise the content of the email and the layout of the Track & Trace page. You can add your own logo and change the colours on the page, for example. You can do the same for return shipments by setting up your personalised returns page.

4. What to do if you have questions?

We work hard every day to deliver your parcels to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to help. If your parcel gets damaged during transport, a parcel goes missing or you experience technical problems with a webshop link, we will try to find a solution for you as quickly as possible. Below you can find out what to do if you have questions. 

Create a case, monitor it, close it.

We’re here to help for any questions you may have relating to shipping your products, your link and our platform. You can ask your question through the contact form in your account. We will then turn your question into a case. Once a case has been created, our colleagues will get to work for you. In your personal case summary you can see the exact status of your cases and you can close cases yourself once your question has been answered or your problem has been solved.

Missing parcel
Among the hundreds of thousands of parcels that are sent each week, a parcel sometimes goes missing. The parcel may have been delivered somewhere else or the delivery scan may have been missed. Whatever the reason, the parcel is usually still on its way and will turn up eventually. To find out whether the parcel really is missing, we have prepared some tips for you.

Damage to parcels
Occasionally, we can’t prevent a parcel from getting damaged. If your customer receives a damaged parcel and the contents are broken as a result, you can submit a claim for damages. To be eligible for compensation, a number of conditions apply and you will need to provide pictures of the damaged packaging.

5. Getting the administration in order.

Once all the parcels have been sent, it’s time to sort out the administration. In your dashboard you will find a summary of all your invoices, which you can view and download for your own administration. You will also find information about any additional tax assessments on your shipments. To avoid the hassle of paying your invoices separately, set up a direct debit for your payments.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions or would like more information on specific features, take a look at our Support page. This page contains answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t manage to find your answer, we will be happy to help.

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