Social Shipping

Sell products through social media and create shipping labels directly with Social Shipping!

27% of people find inspiration on social media before making a purchase. With Social Shipping, the customer journey from finding inspiration on a social media channel to making a purchase is as short as possible.
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What is Social Shipping?

Currently, when a social media platform is used as a sales channel, it takes many actions to realise the actual sale. Data has to be requested, a label is created manually using the data, information needs to be given about the shipping and delivery method and, finally, payment takes place. This process is error-prone and cumbersome. It can be much easier, more user-friendly and more appealing with Social Shipping. Social Shipping is the functionality within our platform that enables you to create a shipping label for the products you sell directly from any social media platform.

Social Shipping: how it works. Your social media order will be ready for shipping in just a few simple steps.

myparcel 1. Generate a link for the order.

myparcel 2. Share the link through social media, by email or on WhatsApp.

myparcel 3. Your customer enters the necessary details for the shipping label.

myparcel 4. The shipping label appears in your shipments summary automatically and is ready to be printed.

myparcel 5. Stick the shipping label onto the shipment and drop the shipment off at a PostNL location near you.

The benefits for you (and your webshop)!

Easily connect a new sales channel.

Option to sell and ship without a webshop.

Easy for both you and the buyer. No need to manually copy contact information and address details in order to create a shipping label.

Greater chance of making a sale through social media. The buyer no longer has to leave the platform, resulting in a lower chance of being distracted or abandoning the order.

Nowadays, consumers’ spare time is precious, which is why they go to social media for inspiration. This makes social media the perfect place to facilitate the purchase directly. It also makes impulse buying very easy.

With Social Shipping, you offer the same reliable, credible buying experience as in your webshop… but on social media. Great for both you and the buyer! The buyer selects a delivery option and you keep them updated about the order status through your own Track & Trace email and page.

Easy to maintain an overview of all your shipments. If you use multiple sales channels, simply link them in your MyParcel account to keep all your shipments organised. Really useful for your administration!