Reasons for return

Ask your customers for reasons for return.

Returns are never entirely avoidable. On average, 9% of all online purchases are returned. It might be that the product doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, is broken or doesn’t match the description on the website. By integrating Reasons for return into your returns service, you can ask your customers why they are returning an order. This gives you more information about the reasons behind returns and allows you to actively work on improving your service. In so doing, you may be able to prevent future returns.
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How do I enable Reasons for return?

Reasons for return are part of your personal Returns page. Guidance on how to configure your personal Returns page is available here.

  1. Login into your account. Go to your account settings and click ‘Return’ for the relevant webshop. Then click ‘Reasons for return’. Make sure ‘Enable Reasons for return’ is set to ‘Yes’.
  2. At ‘Reasons available’, select the reasons for return that you want to include. You can add a maximum of 15 reasons.
  3. To make entering reasons for return a mandatory field, set ‘Make mandatory’ to ‘Yes’.
    NB: if you select ‘No’ here, entering reasons for return will not be a mandatory field for your customers.
  4. Click ‘Save settings’ at the bottom of the page.

The benefits for you.

Find out why your customers are returning an order.

Monitor returns in your clear, transparent dashboard.


Optimise your returns policy.

Avoid unnecessary returns in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions.

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