Paperless returns

Go paperless and offer your customers printer-free returns by PostNL.

Thanks to our functionality ‘Paperless returns’, your customers can now create a return shipment without printing a shipping label. After all, not every consumer has a printer at home. Your customer can simply return his or her order by scanning the digital barcode on their phone and dropping it off at a PostNL location. No printer needed!
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afbeelding voor Increased customer satisfaction.

Increased customer satisfaction.

Your customers no longer need to print return labels.

afbeelding voor Process returns faster.

Process returns faster.

The easier the return process, the faster the products will be back in stock.

afbeelding voor Increased repeat purchases.

Increased repeat purchases.

Customers who have had a positive return experience are 3x more likely to make a new purchase.

Good to know.

Paperless returns are only available if the shipment was sent without shipping options. For letterbox packages or parcels with added shipping options (such as 18+ Age Check or Insured Delivery), the digital barcode is not available and your customer has to print a label themselves.

Cost of printerless return: € 0,12 excluding VAT

* The mentioned rates apply as of January 1, 2024.

How do paperless returns work?

Set up ‘Paperless returns’ under ‘Shop settings’ > ‘Returns’. Select ‘Yes’ under ‘Return without printing’.

Then decide whether you want to pass on the additional cost for the printer-less return (€ 0.11) to your customer or not.

Did you send the order as a parcel shipment without shipping options? Then your customer will automatically receive the unique digital barcode via the return portal.

Your customer shows the barcode at the PostNL location, the PostNL employee prints the return label and processes the shipment.

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