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Shipping with GratisWebshopBeginnen and MyParcel.

Want to ship products with GratisWebshopBeginnen? You can! Easily and quickly send your orders via MyParcel. GratisWebshopBeginnen is the all-in-one solution for your online store when it comes to inventory management, sales reports, and customer data. Connect your online store for free to simplify your shipping process. Manage all your shipments in one overview and pay later with a single invoice for the shipments you have sent.

Your benefits

  • Automatically create shipping labels for all your orders, either in bulk or per order.
  • Drop off your parcels and letterbox parcels at one of the delivery locations.
  • Create a Track & Trace email and page in the branding of your online store.
  • Maintain control over your own return process with a personalized return service.
  • Pay only for what you actually ship.

Start shipping via GratisWebshopBeginnen and MyParcel.

It’s very easy to link your GratisWebshopBeginnen software with MyParcel. After linking, you can start using all of our services for your webshop right away!

  1. In your MyParcel account, go to Shop Settings > General, and copy the API key. You may not see the API key yet, and you might need to ‘generate’ it first. Click on ‘Generate API key’ and copy the API key.
  2. Log in to your GratisWebshopBeginnen webshop and go to Apps > MyParcel.
  3. Enter your MyParcel back office username and the API key. Now click ‘Save.’
  4. Your GratisWebshopBeginnen webshop is now connected to MyParcel.
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Questions? We’re here to help.

Need assistance with the integration of your webshop with MyParcel? Contact us! Our IT support team is available 6 days a week and is happy to assist you with the integration of your webshop.

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