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Shipping via Etsy and MyParcel: Here's How It Works.

Want to easily and quickly ship your Etsy orders via a carrier of your choice? You can with MyParcel! Connecting your Etsy shop with our shipping platform is straightforward and always free. By connecting your online store with MyParcel, you can automatically import your orders with just one click and create a shipping label within our platform. No more manual copying and pasting of addresses! Once connected, you can start shipping via Etsy and MyParcel immediately.

Your benefits.

  • Automatically create shipping labels for all your orders, either in bulk or per order.
  • Drop off your parcels and letterbox parcels at one of the PostNL or DHL locations.
  • Creëer een Track & Trace mail en -pagina, in de huisstijl van jouw webshop.
  • Houd controle over jouw eigen retourproces met een gepersonaliseerde retourservice.

Shipping via Etsy and MyParcel: Here’s How It Works.

You can connect your Etsy shop to MyParcel in a few simple steps. Once connected, you can create shipping labels for all your orders right away.

  1. Login to your MyParcel account and go to Store Settings > Integration.
  2. Go to External Connections and click on Etsy > Grant Permission.
  3. Log in to Etsy and grant permission to connect MyParcel with your Etsy shop.
  4. The integration is complete!

To import your Etsy orders, click on “Import External Shipments” in the shipment overview. Select which orders you want to import and choose “Import.” These orders will appear as drafts in your shipment overview.

Your shipments will be imported as default shipments. You can set what type of package (such as a parcel or mailbox parcel) a default shipment has in the MyParcel Backoffice under Store Settings > Shipments.

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Questions? We’re here for you.

Need help connecting your online store with MyParcel? Get in touch with us! Our IT support team is available 6 days a week and is happy to assist you in connecting your store.