No-answer return.

No-answer return from PostNL.

With the ‘No-answer return’ shipping option, parcels are returned to the returns address straight after an unsuccessful delivery attempt, instead of being dropped off at a nearby PostNL location. No-answer returns are mainly used when sending parcels containing items with limited shelf life or very expensive products.
Pakket bezorgd

Conditions for no-answer return.

  • Only available for parcels you want to send within the Netherlands.
  • Parcels are returned after one unsuccessful delivery attempt.

Costs for no-answer return.

For a non-answer return, there is an additional fee on top of the standard rate for your parcel shipment.


Setting up no-answer return.

  1. Create a new parcel shipment in the back office.
  2. Enter the recipient’s address details.
  3. Under Shipping options, select No-answer return.
  4. Save the shipment, download the shipping label, print it out and stick it onto the shipment.
  5. Deliver your parcel to a PostNL location or have it collected by the Collection Service.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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