Delivery to recipient only.

Delivery to recipient only from PostNL.

With the ‘Delivery to recipient only’ shipping option, the deliverer ensures that your parcel is not delivered to the neighbours if the recipient is not at home. If the parcel has not been received after an unsuccessful delivery attempt, the parcel will be dropped off at a PostNL-location The recipient then has 7 days to collect the parcel. If you would like a parcel to be delivered exclusively to the specified address with a signature upon receipt, select Signature upon receipt and Deliver to recipient only.

Delivery to recipient only.

For delivery to recipient only, you pay a surcharge on top of the standard rate for your parcel shipment.

0,40 exc. VAT

* Only available for parcels you want to send within the Netherlands.
* The mentioned rates apply as of January 1, 2024.

Setting up delivery to recipient only.

  1. Create a new parcel shipment in the back office.
  2. Enter the recipient’s address details.
  3. Under Shipping options, select Delivery to recipient only.
  4. Save the shipment, download the shipping label, print it out and stick it onto the shipment.
  5. Deliver your parcel to a PostNL location or have it collected by the Collection Service.

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