Sending parcels with PostNL.

Do you want to easily and quickly send parcels, letterbox parcels, and mail via PostNL? With our shipping platform, you can create shipping labels for all your orders in no time. Easily send your shipments to addresses in the Netherlands or abroad. Do you want to ship using your own shipping contract? Upload your shipping contract through MyContracts.
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Rates for shipments within the Netherlands.

Parcels per year. Rates.
1 – 250 € 6,25
250 – 500 € 6,15
500 – 1.000 € 6,05
1.000 – 2.500 € 5,95
2.500 – 5.000 € 5,85
5.000 + Request quotation



Letterbox parcels per year. Rates.
1 – 500 € 4,15
500 – 1.000 € 3,97
1.000 – 2.500 € 3,89
2.500 – 5.000 € 3,64
5.000 – 10.000 € 3,40
10.000 + Request quotation

The mentioned rates are excl. VAT and any surcharges.
Find an overview of all specifications and surcharges here.


Specifications Parcel.

Weight 0 – 23 kg
23 – 30 kg (+ large parcel)
> 30 kg (+ freight surcharge)
Minimum size 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Maximum size 100 x 70 x 58 cm
> 100 x 70 x 58 cm (+ large parcel)
> 175 x 78 x 58 cm (+ freight surcharge)
Volume surcharge Based on the volume (L x W x H) of a parcel shipment there will be a surcharge calculated.


Specifications Letterbox Parcel.

Weight 0 – 2 kg
> 2 kg (+ Letterbox parcel surcharge.
Minimum size 14 x 9 cm
Maximum size 38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm
> 38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm (+ Letterbox parcel surcharge.)


Volume surcharge (Parcel NL)
< 50 dm3 Free of charge
50 – 100 dm3 € 0,54
100 – 200 dm3 € 1,63
> 200 dm3 € 3,27
Energy surcharge (Parcels) Due to the high energy and fuel prices, PostNL charges an energy surcharge of € 0.12 per package.
Manual processing surcharge (Parcels) If products are not packaged correctly or not securely, they can disrupt the logistics process of the carrier. For this you pay a surcharge of € 3.46 per package (with the exception of Germany and France).
Peak surcharge A surcharge of € 0.25 per parcel and € 0.15 per letterbox parcel only applies during the end-of- year period.
Letterbox parcel surcharge PostNL will charge a surcharge for letterbox parcels that do not comply with the dimensions and/or weight.

PostNL shipping: the benefits.

Drop off your parcels at one of the over 3,500 PostNL locations.

Have your parcels collected by PostNL’s Collection Service. It’s easy.

Choose extra certainty by selecting one of the many PostNL shipping options.

Use the Paperless returns and Reasons for return options.

Have your parcels collected by the Collection Service.

The Collection Service allows you to have up to 25 parcels collected by PostNL from your home or another preferred address. If you have over 25 parcels to be collected, select the Collection Service Plus.

Collection Service
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verzendopties postnl

PostNL’s shipping options.

Make good use of PostNL’s various shipping options when shipping your parcels. You could, for example opt for extra security when shipping valuable parcels by selecting the Increased Liability shipping option. You could also ship your parcels with the Signature upon receipt shipping option.

More shipping options

Create return labels for webshop returns in a few simple steps.

Make your returns process as efficient and customer-friendly as possible with MyParcel’s returns service. The shipping platform allows you to send return labels to customers, which they can then use to return letterbox parcels and standard parcels within the Netherlands or abroad. You can also manually send an email to your customer containing a link that they can use to download the return label.

  • An easy, efficient return solution for you and your customer.
  • The simpler your returns policy, the sooner you will be able to sell the products again.
  • Customers drop off the return shipments at one of the over 3,500 PostNL locations.
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PostNL’s return options.

Make things easier for your customers and offer them extra service with PostNL’s return options. Thanks to the Paperless returns option, your customers do not have to print return labels. Get information about your customers’ reasons for return by asking why they are returning their order. Make this a standard part of the process. This helps prevent unnecessary returns in the future!

More return options

PostNL locations near you.

PostNL has over 3,500 delivery locations across the Netherlands. And that number is increasing all the time! There is always a PostNL location near you. Find your nearest drop-off location below.

Find a drop-off location
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Any questions? We’re here to help.

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