How can I change my scheduled Collection Service?

You can modify a previously scheduled MyParcel Pick-up (up to 25 parcels) yourself in your MyParcel account under Shipments > Pickup service. Changes can be made until 11:45 AM for the same day.

Different conditions apply to the Pickup Plus service (more than 25 parcels). If you want to order or have additional roll containers picked up, you can make changes for the same day until 11:00 AM in the calendar of your Pickup service. Other changes for the Pickup Plus service can also be indicated in your MyParcel account under Pickup service, but please consider the required timeframe to implement the changes.

For a structural request for the Pickup Plus service, PostNL requires two weeks to process it. The structural Pickup Plus service is entered into indefinitely and must be terminated at least one calendar month in advance.

If you use a pickup service from another carrier, please contact one of our colleagues. We will then work to process the change with the carrier as quickly as possible. Once we have more information for you, we will keep you informed.

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