Have your customers collect their own parcels!

6 minuten leestijd
Pakket afhalen postnl locatie

The parcel delivery market continues to grow, which is a good thing for online retailers like you! It means you have more business. For delivery workers, especially at peak times such as around Sinterklaas, Christmas and Black Friday, delivering parcels on time becomes an increasing challenge. Just like you and your customer, at MyParcel we hate it when parcels are delayed! 

The solution? To us, it’s simple! Having your customer pick up their parcels from one of PostNL’s 3.500 pick-up locations speeds up the delivery process. This gives your customer more control over their orders, which is exactly what they want. That way, customers no longer have to stay at home to receive their parcels because they can decide when to pick them up. Since the delivery worker can deliver multiple parcels to a pick-up location at the same time, this reduces the chance that parcels will be delayed.

Offer your customer the option to collect their parcels themselves!

There are loads of benefits: you give your customers more control over their parcels, delivery workers can deliver more parcels and nobody gets frustrated because their parcels are late. It will increase your turnover and keep everyone happy! Pure win-win situation, right? 

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The advantages of offering collection from a PostNL location


Benefits for you:

  1. You meet your customers’ needs
  2. You provide good service
  3. Customer satisfaction, resulting in an increase in turnover


Benefits for your customer:

  1. Often receives orders sooner
  2. No need to stay at home to wait for parcels
  3. More choice in delivery slots