Surprise your customers and boost sales with your webshop.

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November and December are the perfect months to give your sales a boost. Those are the months in which consumers start looking for the best gifts for their family and friends. They search for the best deals – and they usually search online. That way, they can avoid the busy shopping streets. However, all webshops do their best to win over consumers. How can you stand out in the midst of fierce competition from other webshops? And how can you still surprise your customer in an original way? We’ll help you on your way!

Get your webshop into the festive spirit.

Physical stores always get into that Christmas feeling. They go all out on decorations in stores and shop windows to get the consumer in the mood. This creates a warm feeling and increases sales. Why not do the same with your webshop? Give your webshop a warm, festive look and feel during the festive season! Time to spare? Get your emails and social media channels into the Christmas spirit!

By offering gift vouchers.

Not all consumers have time to look for the best gifts. Offer them a solution for the festive season by giving them the option to purchase a gift voucher. It’s also ideal for last-minute shoppers who need to find a gift on time. Gift vouchers are easy, inexpensive and have a fast delivery time (if they are letterbox parcel-size).

Gift guides.

Everybody knows how hard it is to find original gifts for your partner, grandma or best friend. Whoever it is, you want their gift to put a smile on their face. Everybody could use some help. By setting up a special gift page with different gift guides, you can help your customers find the best gifts in your webshop. All you have to do is categorise your products in a smart way. There are various ways of doing this. A few examples to inspire you:

By price:

  • Gifts under €15
  • Gifts up to €50

By generation:

  • Gifts for Grandma & grandad
  • Gifts for boys under 5
  • Gifts for girls aged 8-12

By personality:

  • Gifts for sports fanatics
  • Gifts for culinary queens (and kings)
  • Gifts for gadget lovers

Assemble your own gift boxes:

  • Gift boxes under €35
  • Gift boxes for dads
  • Gift boxes for gardeners

Make gift orders look fantastic.

Every consumer likes a nicely wrapped gift, so make your end-of-year orders look slick! Make it very easy for your customers by offering a gift wrapping service – either for an additional cost or free of charge. Your customer won’t have to worry about wrapping the gift and you can offer an extra service, which will definitely be appreciated by the customer. For gift wrapping inspiration, take a look at The images below also come from

You can also choose to offer the customer supplies to help them wrap their gifts. For example, you could give them the option to adding wrapping paper, ribbon and nice stickers to their order. You can inspire your customers with a special page of wrapping tips. In so doing, you show that want to help your customers.

Tip: make sure your wrapping service fits in with the look and feel of your webshop! Also do this if you choose to offer the customer wrapping supplies – it creates recognition!

Bring out discounts and promotions for the festive season.

Consumers search for the best deals to give as gifts. If a competitor is offering extra discount or free shipping, there is a chance that the customer will make their purchase with that competitor instead. That’s something you’d prefer to avoid, so think about the discounts you are going to offer for the festive season. You could offer a percentage discount, combination discount, free shipping, or x amount of discount. Go crazy!

Tip: make sure your discount promotions start earlier than your competitors’ promotions. You could offer extra discounts to consumers get in early. This way, you can also better guarantee that your customer receives the gifts on time.

Last but not least: communicate!

You may have done all the preparation for the end-of-year period with gift vouchers, gift guides and a special wrapping service, but your customers also need to know about all these things. Make sure all your hard work pays off. So inform your customers on time about what you have to offer them! You can use your website, newsletters and social media channels to promote your message. If you are offering a special discount code, let your customers know! If your gift guide can help your customer find the best Christmas gifts, tell them! If you have the perfect last-minute gift for your customer, spread the word! Your customers really will appreciate it.

Are you ready to surprise your customers and end 2019 on a high?

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