Packaging tips for shipping pallets.

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For parcels heavier than 30kg or larger than 175x78x58cm, MyParcel offers you the option to send pallet shipments. Parcels that are heavier than 50kg also need to be sent on a pallet. Below are the most important factors you need to consider when shipping pallets:

  • Check that the pallet is in a good condition.
  • Place heavy boxes at the bottom and stack the lighter boxes on top.
  • Stack the boxes so that they form one unit.
  • Make sure that no products are sticking out of the pallet.
  • Seal the pallet for extra stability during transport.
  • If necessary, reinforce the corners with cardboard corner protectors.

Our tips.

myparcel Stack the boxes so that they form one unit. Bear in mind the dimensions of the pallet.

myparcel Make sure the shipment is flat on top. If it is not, the carrier may charge a surcharge.

myparcel Secure the boxes on the pallet by sealing them, for example. Make sure you also secure the upper edge of the pallet, and remember to seal the load at the top.