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Mijnwebwinkel and MyParcel

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Afbeelding voor Mijnwebwinkel and MyParcel

When you decide to start a webshop, it can be difficult to know where to start. Long before you receive your first orders, you need to make a number of important decisions and have everything sorted. Have you thought about product stock, for example? Or about the design and layout of your webshop? How customers can contact you with their questions? Which shipping service best suits your webshop? Which platform allows you to present your products in an attractive way? Which system you want to use to receive and process your orders? Mijnwebwinkel can help you. Mijnwebwinkel has everything you need to launch a great webshop in just a few simple steps. You can set up your webshop the way you want it, offer your customers a great ordering experience and choose one of the popular payment methods.

The collaboration between Mijnwebwinkel and MyParcel extends the range of options available to you. For example, your customers can select a delivery slot at your webshop’s checkout – exactly what today’s consumers want. If you want to know what Mijnwebwinkel can do for you, which options the platform offers you and how Mijnwebwinkel contributes to your webshop’s success, read on. In this blog, we introduce Mijnwebwinkel to you.

What Mijnwebwinkel can do for you.

Mijnwebwinkel believes in a world in which passionate entrepreneurs can launch a beautiful webshop in just a few clicks. And they’re well on their way: over 42,000 online retailers are currently using the platform. Together, they account for over 1,500,000 transactions per year. Mijnwebwinkel is constantly innovating and improving, every single day.

The options Mijnwebwinkel offers you.

At Mijnwebwinkel, you have everything you need to create a successful, professional webshop. You can easily add products and present them however you want to, offer your customers a fantastic ordering and shipping experience, choose between all popular payment methods and let your customers choose their delivery slots. The options are endless. No time? Leave it to one of our 70+ partners. Mijnwebwinkel helps webshops on their way to success. The support department is ready to help you every single day.

Mijnwebwinkel is the right option for your webshop.

  • Mijnwebwinkel is personal: not only do they provide a system, but also personal support. Their support employees are there to help you, free of charge.
  • Mijnwebwinkel is easy: not everyone has the best computer skills. That’s why the system is dummy proof. With the help of customer feedback, Mijnwebwinkel constantly works to improve their user-friendliness.
  • Mijnwebwinkel is enjoyable: Mijnwebwinkel makes sure you can turn your dream into an online success. Fun comes first – not only with their customers, but also on their own shop floor.

 How Mijnwebwinkel helps webshops.

Mijnwebwinkel wants you to be successful and they are happy to help you. The Question & Answer section provides information on a variety of topics. Mijnwebwinkel inspires and enhances your knowledge with its blogs. For those who can’t get enough, Mijnwebwinkel has also written three guides full to the brim with practical information and tips. Last but not least: the support team! The ‘care bears’ are available to answer all your questions, five days per week from 9am to 5pm.

The collaboration between MyParcel and Mijnwebwinkel benefits you because:

Thanks to the collaboration between Mijnwebwinkel and MyParcel, over 42,000 webshops can now offer their customers delivery slots and the option to collect their parcels from a PostNL location. This encourages repeat purchases and results in happy customers! Read more about it in this blog.

More information?

We hope we have helped you find your way around Mijnwebwinkel. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our team is here to help.